Mobile Design


Best design is such that fits all devices, we provide that perfect cross

device, cross browser experience to be compatible with all the devices


We have divided our mobile design services under two core segments namely,

  • Mobile Website Design services include designing a website for smartphone and alternative computing devices like tabs. We provide a complete web experience across all the devices.
  • Mobile Apps Design services utilizes creation of wireframe and UI elements needed for the mobile app. We also create intuitivve interfaces along with splash screens etc.














Mobile Website Design


web_design_02 web_design_03


In today's time people are accessing the website more on their smartphones and alternative

computing devices like tablets. We make sure that your website is also compatible with these new

devices to increase your web presence.


Webnex offers variety of mobile websites options, right from a dedicated mobile version to a responsive website where one design fits all devices. Our designs are cutting edge and optimized for the mobile platform. Our designers employ only the best and latest design practices to give you & your clientele that extended web experience on smartphones and tabs.


We design High-end mobile websites which are compatible on all mobile devices including iPhone and iPad thus increasing your web presence amongst mobile users.













Mobile Apps Design


html_01 html_02


A mobile app sells more because of its brilliant look and feel, we impart that wow factor to mobile apps by

creating intuitive interfaces.


At Webnex our designers provide frameworks needed for creating a mobile app along with that we also create UI elements like buttons, icons, sliders etc. needed for making that robust mobile app interface. We design apps as per iphone and android design standards.