We offer an array of design services you can choose the

one which suits you the best


We have divided our design services under three core segments namely,

  • Web Design which includes designing intuituve, interactive and easy to use layouts compatible with all the devices including iphones and ipads.
  • HTML Services which utilizes latest and the best HTML and Javascript technlogies in converting your approved design layouts to SEO friendly HTML files, ready for launching your website.
  • Flash Design services includes flash videos, web banners, presentations, intros, microsites etc. needed to market your website on world wide web.











Web Design


web_design_01 web_design_02web_design_03web_design_04


Everyone knows how important first impressions can be. This is why having a superior custom design can

quickly set you apart when trying to attract new business


Webnex gives you access to some of the world-class designers for your projects. We create a custom made design from scratch and let you revise the design as per your requirements. If you are in need of a very technical and professional look or an out of the box and more artsy look, we have the designers you need to succeed.


Our job is to ensure that we give you best user interface which corresponds to best user experience across all browsers, desktop, mobile devices and operating systems. We constantly upgrade our design styles as per the latest trend so your website looks modern and contemporary.













HTML Services


html_01 html_02html_03


Coding design layouts to HTML is most important aspect of any project and we take good care of the fact

that we provide you only the best product using the latesr HTML standards


Webnex has a fully staffed team of UI and UX experts to assist you. Whether you are in need of 1 or 100 pages of design coded to HTML, we have the staff to deliver. All you will need is to provide the multilayered Photoshop source file with fonts (PSD). If you do not have a design, we can gladly make one for you.


We provide you with W3C validated HTML and CSS code thus ensuring our code meets all the standards accepted worldwide. We also use latest Javascripting techniques so your project works on all browsers, devices and Operating systems.













Flash Design


flash_01 flash_02 flash_03


Need dynamic motion graphics, animated logo, presentation or introductory video for your project. We do

that and even more for you with our Flash Design services


Webnex has a talented team of Flash designers who can visualize and create animated web banners & introductory videos for your project. We also provide services like Computer Based Training Modules, website intros, animated logos, microsites etc. which are needed to promote your business ahead on the internet.


Our Flash Designs give that much needed creative edge to your promotions which helps your project in getting more visibility online.